Susanne Potrait

I was able to learn at a young age Meditation – in silence, in Qigong, in Hara massage… and it has been enriching my life ever since, making my soul sing. This fills me with gratitude and I am happy to pass on these experiences.

Susanne Deckert, born in 1964, has been intensively involved with yoga, Taiji Qigong, meditation and bodywork since the 80s (e.g. in India, Holland and England). She has been practicing and teaching Yoga and Qigong continuously since 1999 in gyms, private classes, one-on-one coaching and in companies.

  • Ballet (approx. 10 years)
  • Martial Art Hapkido (approx. 3 years)
  • 1983 Holistic Massagetraining
  • 1998 Ayurvedic Massage and Yoga according to Iyengar, trained by Kusum Modakin / India
  • 1999 Hara Awareness ® Massage Practitioner, trained by A. Würzburger / Cologne
  • 2004 Meditationteacher-Training / India
  • 2005 Hara Awareness ® Meditation- and Exercise-Instructor, trained by A. Würzburger / Köln
  • 2007 Qigong-Exercise-Instructor, trained by Ass-Institut Munich
  • 2011 Qigong-Teacher, trained by Ass-Institut Munich, certified by DDQT-Dachverband
  • 2017 Taiji-Course Instructor, Ass-Institut, Munich