Qigong A Qigong Programme for your company employees. Qigong helps to manage the requirements of daily working life in a more relaxed and effective way.

The Qigong course takes place via Teams, Zoom or in your company.

Comments from the participants:

… while doing Qigong with Susanne, I notice how all the units relax… at the end of the lesson, which always flies by, this complete feeling of relaxation sets in and one almost floats home…

… I just feel completely comfortable afterwards and all worries are far away…

… it is also a "figure-friendly" training, i.e. even people in my "weight class" can participate wonderfully and feel the success without having to be ashamed of anything…

On request I can give contacts for reference, who can inform you about the Qigong Programme in their businesses.

You can also book me as a personal trainer.

Further information is available on request.

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