Hara Massage Hara in Japanese means "belly" - it is the center for mind and body power. Belly massage enhances self-awareness, so that clarity and presence can arise.

Hara Awareness ® Massage - nine session programme

Being in contact with the hara enhances self confidence – one is in tune with oneself. This transformation process of 9 sequential sessions stabilizes, nourishes, and gives energy for daily life.

The first three sessions strengthen contact with the earth through focussed work on the legs.

In the second three sessions, through sensing around the navel area a deep individual identity is realised.

The last three sessions deal with centering. Processing of emotions is enhanced and the center further strengthened.

60 min. € 60,-
(5 appointments € 275,-)

Nine session series € 490,-
(including a thorough preparatory consultation)